Terms & Conditions

We hate terms and conditions as much as you, so we shall try and keep them to a minimum. To protect each other…

1. Payment

  • All charges are +VAT
  • Payment for services or parts are due on completion. We accept credit and debit cards.
  • Business clients are invoiced net 30 days.
  • Domestic clients are invocied on completion and due immediately unless an alternative arrangement is in place.
  • Parts remain the property of Quick Call Dave Ltd until fully paid.
  • Domain names are renewed annually. If a domain is not required, it is your responsibility to cancel a registration in sufficient time prior to invoicing. Once Nominet receive the renewal notice, generally on the date of invoice, it is impossible to cancel the registration renewal and any invoice created will need to be paid. We suggest you give 14 days notice to cancel prior to renewal date.
  • Where a ‘per man day’ rate is offered, this is for 8 hours work. This could be 2 engineers working for 4 hours, or perhaps 4 man days, so 2 engineers for 2 days, etc. We will clarify with you directly.
  • Our rates are distance based, we have domestic and business local rates and adapt these for clients further afield where travel time is fairly accommodated. Generally, we allow 30 min total travel time, subject to a minimum charge. Please ask, we aim to be fair.
  • For clients further than 30 min travel time away, the minimum chargeable time is 2 hours + travel time.
  • Cancellation: Equipment ordered specifically against a clients request, computers built to an agreed client specification or other special orders items are non-cancellable once a part orders has been dispatched.
  • In the event of a request to cancel, there is not expectation that any request is agreed, but where it is agreed a restocking fee equivelent to our time to process a cancellation with a supplier, returning the items and the cost of returning any items will be payable by the client originally ordering the computer system or other special order items. As a small business, it is not fair that we bear the cost of a client changing their mind for whatsoever reason.

2. General Terms

  • Your legal rights take precedent under UK law.
  • We generally work 9am – 6pm.
  • Out of hours appointments are available but may attract a premium depending on distance.
  • Answering the phone: if we are with a client, please leave a message, we never answer the phone when with a client. I hope you’ll appreciate this policy.
  • Our maximum liability to you shall be limited to the cost of the service provided or product(s) purchased.
  • Local constitutes the general area of Clevedon, Tickenham, Portishead and Nailsea.
  • Cancellation: Within 48 hours: We are generally fully booked on any day, efficiently routing our days travel between client locations. A late cancellation generally leaves us sitting in our car for the duration of your cancelled appointment and we lose money as a result. If you have booked an appointment, late cancellation charges may be applied. The charge is 50% of the time booked within 48 hours notice.Half day or Full day appointments are charged at the full rate. We don’t enjoy doing this, but we can’t afford to lose income either.
  • Whilst we take every care repairing equipment, due to the bonding processes, screens and plastic parts may not fit back together exactly as new. We can’t control this and cannot be held liable for this. We do our best to minimise this risk.
  • In the course of a repair, screen glass may crack due to released stress within the parts at no fault of our engineer. We take every care and cannot be held responsible for glass damage or consequential loss.
  • Parts ordered against an accepted estimate may incur a restocking fee of 10% – if they can be returned to the supplier. If parts cannot be returned, the items will need to be paid for unless they can be easily sold onto another client at Quick Call Dave Ltd’s discretion.
  • The visibility of any repair, witness marks or slight abrasions to screen plastics, aluminum surrounds etc cannot be avoided in all cases due to the manufacturing process – some units are manufactured not to be dismantled, these marks will be minimised through skill and care, but some cannot be avoided.
  • We will perform our service to the best of our ability at a time and location to be agreed between us. Sometimes appointments take longer than expected and we will spend more time with a client. We reserve the right to change your appointment time for any reason. We will notify you in advance if possible, but in any case, as soon as we are able to contact you informing you of a delay.
  • Where we develop software for you, through skill and training we minimize bugs and errors, but they do happen from time to time. We endeavour to rectify once discovered as soon as practically possible to minimise the effects, you agree that we cannot be held liable for consequentially loss, howsoever caused.
  • Intellectual Property (IP), where Quick Call Dave Ltd develop and write software for client’s, Quick Call Dave Ltd retain all IP and Copyright of the software developed unless explicitly included in the costs agreed.
  • Where Quick Call Dave Ltd extend software already in use by the clients business, and the IP is owned by the client:
    any bug fixes, remediation of existing features in order to fix or extend is retained by the client on payment of agreed costs.
  • Substantially altering software’s function and features, any IP introduced by Quick Call Dave Ltd is retained by Quick Call Dave Ltd unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
  • Terms and conditions may change from time to time.