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Apple, Android or Microsoft, Printing or Wi-Fi, Computer or Tablet - Quick Call Dave to troubleshoot and solve your IT problem ...in your home. Call Dave on 01275 541893 today!

Apple Certified

Apple consultants complete Apple training programs and focus on key solutions that can help your business successfully integrate Apple and third-party technologies.

Microsoft Partner

Dave as a Microsoft partner are recognized for our business and technology expertise and can recommend solutions to current and future needs of your business.

Wi-Fi Setup & Install

Whether your a domestic client, a home office, or an business location, your Wi-Fi is vital for smooth operation of your IT. Networking, cabling and Wi-Fi installations are complex environments.

Tablet & Smartphone

iPad, iPhones, Samsung and similar devices are complex devices, they're usefulness is multiplied once configured with Cloud services. Home users or business clients, we expertly connect your devices.

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Apple Certified Support Professional, Microsoft Partner, 20+ years Blue Chip Corporate Experience

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"The single biggest problem I have...   letting clients know ALL the services that I can competently provide! As an Engineer with an aerospace background and many years as a Software Engineer for Amazon - the discipline and attention to detail have prepared me to troubleshoot pretty much any problem."
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Malware & Security

Dave has been involved in IT security for many years, keeping abreast of changes to how malicious entities attack our computers, whether Microsoft or Apple. Dave has a CompTIA Executive Certificate in IT Security. Trust Dave to fix your security problem!


With over 25 years of experience with Microsoft, *nix and Apple systems, Dave competently troubleshoots new and emerging problems regardless of where in the IT system it presents itself. Printers, Networking, iMac failing to start, Microsoft updates failing.

iMac SSD / RAM Upgrades

Regardless of Microsoft or Apple, SSD upgrades provide huge performance leap for IT systems. We regularly install SSD's into iMacs, MacBooks and Laptops. Clients are astounded by how agile a system is following updating, often suggesting the system is better than new!

Mac, Laptop & PC Repair

Laptop, PC or Apple Mac developed a fault? Screens replaced, hard drives recovered, power jacks soldered & power supplies replaced. Perhaps it's uneconomical, give Dave a call for unbiased advice and an honest appraisal.

WiFi & Networking

Wi-Fi problems affect us all. Extensions, annexes, wall thickness all affect Wi-Fi. Dave uses professional tools to analyze and measure your homes Wi-Fi performance. Various remedies can be used, these include Ethernet Cabling, Access Points and Powerline.

Software & Web Site Design

Do you need a new website? Does your business require an internal tool to manage stock, manufacturing workflows? A website to show case your business? Give Dave a call for a free initial consultation.
Employees Steal Data when Fired

A shocking 59% of employees steal proprietary company data when they quit or are fired....

99% of Computers are Vulnerable

As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can become a victim of cyber attacks....

SSD vs Hard Drive

Hard drive has only 30% the performance of SSD. Clients feel like they have a new machine following SSD upgrade....

iMac SSD RAM Upgrade

Apple Mac, Solid State Disk and RAM upgrade - collected and returned within 2 days*...




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