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Apple Mac Book or iMac feeling tired?

Laptop slowing down? iMac or Mac Book feeling tired? Every week Dave services, cleans and upgrades Apple and Microsoft systems.

Dave is a Apple Support Consultant and a Microsoft Support Partner.

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Every day, Quick Call Dave visits Homes and Businesses across North Somerset and Bristol.

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Laptop Screen Repair

Every week Dave replaces laptop screens for many reasons. Kids are frequently the main reason, also holding a laptop by the display and leaving a pen inside when the lid is closed. Laptop displays are getting thinner and this reduces their strength. Call Dave today for a quick quote…


We take Wi-Fi for granted, expecting a MacBook or iPad, Samsung or Kindle to just connect and all be happy. Wi-Fi technology is highly, often overly complex. Walls, insulation, different ages of devices all add to our frustrations. Call Dave for advice today…

Go Solid State (SSD)

Fast Forward your slow iMac, MacBook or Laptop today! Swapping out a traditional but slow Hard Drive for a modern Solid State Drive (SSD) transforms the agility and usability of your device. If your device is Apple, the upgrade is obvious and will transform your device. See our Apple reviews!


All PC’s and Mac’s require general servicing. Depending on how they are used, and used by, rubbish builds up, Malware infects and does not get picked up by AntiVirus programs. Let Dave restore your devices performance and improve it’s reliability. Cal Dave today…

Microsoft & Apple, iPad or Galaxy - it matters not...

Dave has been in the industry for many years, most homes have a mixture of Apple and Microsoft, PC’s and iPhones – it is my job to remain skilled in each device and how to integrate them together.

Each device manufacturer provides methods for backup, synchonisation and sharing – if your devices are no longer working the way you like – Dave will competently resolve your problems.

If you don't know what exactly went wrong...

Quick Call Dave has been working with IT since 1985 when he started programming on the ZX81… since then he won a graduate place at Rolls Royce in 96′, Airbus and then in 2003 – starting as Quick Call Dave in 2010!

Dave works competently with Domestic clients, Home Based Businesses and Small Businesses across North Somerset and Bristol.

Quite uniquely, Dave is a Microsoft Partner, a qualified Engineer (MIET) and also a member of the Apple Consultant Network (an ACN). Trust Dave to competently solve your problems…

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General service for Apple or Microsoft systems. Remove malware and rubbish that accumulates, identify any security problems, tighten the system configuration to provide the best defense. Remove any software that might have snuck in under the radar.
In today's world, digitally stored data is one of the most valuable resources ever. This means also, that when you lose your data, such as your photos or videos, it can be quite traumatic. It is possible to recover deleted...
As well as being Apple Consultants, Quick Call Dave is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and enables clients to move their old email systems (IMAP and POP3) into state of the art Microsoft Data Centers where they can benefit from shared...
From cracked and damaged screens or just failed, if we can source your part we can fix it. On a weekly basis we replace screens on Microsoft Laptop's and MacBook - let us know the make and model and we...
Wi-Fi can be the cause of many frustrations. Too many devices. Wrong age of devices. Too far away. Walls too thick. So many reasons why the standard routers can leave you high and dry without data. Give Quick Call Dave...
As software engineers, we often build new websites for our business clients. Some websites are single pages, showing off a small business - others are multi-page sites showing off multiple projects of a local business. Give Quick Call Dave a...

Fantastic – totally understood our issues: Dave was as pleasant as he was knowledgeable and I’d have no hesitation in recommending him! I would recommend this consultant to a friend or colleague!

Professional: A very professional, quick and quality service provided. Highly Recommended!! I would recommend this consultant to a friend or colleague!

Thorough job: Did a very good job in a calm assured manner. Explained things simply and accurately. I would recommend this consultant to a friend or colleague!


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