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What is a virus?

A virus is simply a piece of software that is installed without your knowledge that performs a unwanted action and replicates itself in order to spread (or be viral). It may replicate itself by connecting to your address books and sending emails that entice your contacts to visit a website or open an email attachment masquerading as a image or MS Word document etc. Nowadays, it may try to replicate itself using social networking sites such as Facebook.

How does it get on my computer?

There are a number of ways. You may open a HTML formatted email that loads a bunch of images and one is actually a script. You could just visit a website that has itself been infected and it therefore passes on the virus to you. There are many places online that could cause you to be infected, BitTorrent file sharing sites, Flash plugins (great looking animated websites) have been known to be infected by not so nice programmers.

There are so many ways you could be infected, you may be inclined never to connect your computer to the internet. But, remember - you can also get a virus from a CD or a USB memory stick. Any form of physical or virtual data sharing has the potential to carry a virus and subsequently cause infection.

What does a virus do and why is it so bad?

Well, not all viruses are bad, some are simply a nuisance but the majority you hear about in the press do something you really would not choose to happen. Such viruses can search your hard drive for information related to internet banking, others want all your email addresses in your contacts so they can sell email lists to spammers. Viruses are only limited by ones imagination and desire for information and control, highly likely for illegal intentions.

So, what are Trojans and bot nets I have heard about?

A Trojan is quite similar to a virus except that it might not be activated till a particular event. The event could be a date, installation of an application or your visiting a particular web site such as a bank. They can also be activated by the author remotely in some cases.

A bot net, in simple terms is method of connecting your computer to a group of similarly infected computers and using them all to achieve a single aim. This could be anything, they are controlled by the author. One use is to download a web page - not that bad right? Think about a bot net as having perhaps a million computers all connected, all downloading a single web page at the same time. What happens to the web site - it most likely will crash or at least be unavailable for a period of time. This is called a denial of service attack, it denies normal web users access to a service. From your perspective, it is your computer that helped carry out the attack and it may be up to you to prove you were unaware of it's occurrence.

Another use for a bot net is file sharing, it could be films, music or some more unsavory material!

I recently fixed a computer that had been targeted, to say the owner was shocked when they saw the files is an understatement!

Whatever you decide, you should not spend a moment online without some level of protection. Quick, Call Dave now for a no obligation chat to find out how he can assist you in making your online experience more secure!

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