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A day in the life of Quick Call Dave (QCD).

One of my biggest marketing problems is letting my clients know what I can actually do for them!

Each week I visit clients to discover they used another trades person to install a network cable, build a web site, or fix the WiFi. When I mention that I could have done this work, they remark:

sorry, I'd have preferred you to do it, but didn't know you did this?

I decided to publish a typical day in the office.

So, what does QCD do? Here goes... and remember, most of these repairs are carried out in the home of the client!

  • Problem: WiFi, problems accessing the internet at various times of the day.

    Using a Virgin service, normally quite reliable. Using our specialist WiFi tools, we are quickly able to see all the WiFi networks in the area. Determine what channels are in use, congested and available. We can also check the speed of the services. We tweaked the router, made some changes that will improve coverage and retested around the home.

    Whilst I was on site, I phoned Virgin and asked them to run a line test. On doing so, they reported the router was reporting errors and that an engineer would need to attend. I arranged the time with the client and suggested that I return after the engineer had visited.

    The client mentioned that they had other problems with a Freesat box. I remarked that this was slightly out of my core area of expertise but happy to look. Determined that the box was faulty and the sat dish was also in need of attention. Phoned the capable staff at Freemans in Portishead, they had an engineer visit the same day. New box and dish and all now working perfectly. And with the new cabling, internet TV worked as well!

    Update: Virgin replaced the router and fixed a joint outside the house. On my return visit, re-configured all there devices and located the router in the best position, the whole house has internet. Job done! Client very happy!

  • Problem: Laptop, unable to send emails.Emails were arriving, but unable to send. Common problem, re-configured the settings, re-entered the credentials. All tests ok. While on site, carried out a quick malware check, removed a few bits of rubbish and improved the general efficiency of the Microsoft computer. Check that the iPad was also configured and gave the client some tips on how to keep a iPad working quickly.
  • Problem: Networking, run a new cable from the house to garden office w/ access point.Quite a simple job, run a network from a Virgin router, through an external wall, down the garden and into a small garden office. Cable was terminated at both ends in a network box and tested. Fitted a wireless access point to provide wireless in the office, it also provided sockets for a bunch of devices. Configured everything as required. All tested OK.
  • Problem: Install networking in a nursing home, 3 floors, stone walls, 6 access points, centralised management.Replace existing aging wireless access points with modern 2G / 5G devices that are all managed from a central location. The power to the devices is also central keeping the devices cleanly mounted to the wall. Install the controllers and switches, test coverage using bespoke tools around the large and complex building. All tested OK.
  • Problem: Desktop computer not starting, diagnosed as faulty power supply. Replace immediately as I carry these. Client very happy!
  • Problem: iMac, noisy fan.Ran a full hardware test and all looks good. System boots fine, just a fan is stuck on full power. Reset the chip that stores parameters and all returned to normal.
  • Back in Workshop: replace iMac mid-2010 hard drive with SSD and perform

    RAM upgrade w/ a new thermal sensor. Strip and clean all dust and dirt. Check out the reviews on Apple's website. Very happy client!Apple:

  • Back in Workshop: replace the screen on a Dell laptop after a dog stood on screen, an over-night repair. Client dropped of after work, delivered back following morning by 9am.I understand that we all rely on our equipment, I'm happy to accommodate special requests if feasible. Just ask...
  • Back in Workshop: recover data from failing drive, copy to USB memory stick and return to client following day.

In addition to this, we build software and websites, often work for Apple customers installing and troubleshooting systems where clients prefer a personal visit rather than taking equipment to a Apple store. We solve problems, build solutions and we're fair!

As one of our clients said recently:

competence and customer service - a killer combination

Who is David? David is a highly experienced engineer, qualifying as an Electronic and Mechanical Engineer, a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Starting  working life in aerospace for Rolls Royce, followed by Airbus and finally Quick Call Dave was started in 2010 and incorporated on David's 40th birthday early in 2011. David holds a Pilots license and is Chairman of a Kemble based flying club.

Remember, Quick Call Dave come to you, any IT problems in your home of office, Quick Call Dave now...  01275 541 893

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