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I took the day off yesterday to go down to the Apple Training center and sat the 80 questions of the Apple Certified Support Professional exam. I passed with 88% which I think was pretty good.

Some of the questions were pretty far out, I've been prolific in fixing Apple computers for the last 7-8 years as an independent engineer, but there was stuff there that left me thinking "seriously, when will I eeeeeevvver need to know that!!!".

The revision guide is almost 1000 pages - seriously hard to fit that study in when you're out there all day working with domestic and small business clients! A bunch of really late nights swatting, revising those details you know will crop up in the exam, drawing pictures for those questions designed to really see if you understand the technology. I got there!

Yes - I know, I am a geek! I love understanding how everything works! I guess that's what drives me and also why I love my job!

Thankfully I seem to be able to convert it all into plain English! I received a phone call yesterday from a lady who needed to replace her computer. After half an hour on the phone discussing everything she summed up "you're amazing, I just spent the last half hour talking about computers and I actually understood, I'm going to tell everyone about you" - that was quite satisfying! Too many techies seem to enjoy confusing people!

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