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Quick Call Dave is able to offer a variety of data recovery solutions depending on the situation you find yourself. We are pleased to offer this service to anyone using our postal service.

Our recovery service can help you if you:

  1. formatted a memory card in error
  2. deleted your camera images by mistake
  3. installed MS Windows without backing up existing data
  4. are unable to read your memory card, MS Windows reports an error
  5. are unable to access data on your USB memory key

Data Protection Act

We take the confidentiality of personal data very seriously. Quick Call Dave will take every reasonable care with your data. We will only keep a copy of your data post recovery for no more than 14 days (giving you time to assert your happy with any recovered data). Data is kept securely on computers that have no internet access that only staff have access to. The data recovery computers also use disk level encryption so that in the unlikely event a computer was stolen, the data would be essentially unreadable.

Quick Call Dave Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 (reg number Z336774X).

How can you recover my data, it's gone after all?

You can be excused for thinking this, after all, MS Windows is showing your device as empty or missing altogether from your list of available drives. But in many cases, your data is just invisible.


That's right! You see, when you bought your media - you may have formatted it to make it ready to accept your data. Formatting simply prepares the memory to accept files in an organised manner.

Your files (images, documents, mp3) can be stored anywhere on the memory - so how does your computer know what files are on your media in normal circumstances?

The index!

It is actually quite simple, your memory device has a small portion of memory allocated for use as a index, a table of contents, a list - where files are located on your device.

It is this 'table of contents' that often is wiped clean. With an empty index, your data still exists, but you can't find it.

When you inadvertently format your disk, the format often simply wipes this table of contents clean (sometimes called a 'quick format').

How do I recover data?

I have a number of different methods that I use in order to recover and rebuild the index, I also will apply forensic techniques to find and re-assemble your data.

What about camera and phone media cards?

These are pretty similar usually - often they 'quick format' their media cards in order to reduce the formatting time and decrease battery life wastage. Again, in these circumstances I can usually recover some of your data! Some cameras securely erase information, in these cases it's likely destroyed.

A word of caution!

With so many different cameras and media, the recovery process relies on one thing, the data exists on the media, albeit invisible! If it was overwritten by a new operating system or newer images - your data will be unrecoverable. In this case, I will recover anything I can.

Data recovery can take many hours depending on the size of the media being handled. As a result, your media needs to be sent to me directly by post. It will usually be returned within 3-5 days with a report showing what data (if any) was recovered.

Whatever your data loss, Quick Call Dave now to find out if I can help you recover your data!

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