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Quick Call Dave health checks are designed to keep your computer running smoothly. We are able to source and install parts for most computers at competitive rates!

Laptop repairs?

We are able to repair most makes of laptop. We use a team of dedicated brand specialists who know your laptop brand and understand common faults and fixes.

Some minor repairs can be carried out on your premises, others in our workshop and for that specialist repair we use our appointed repairer. Typical turnaround is around 5 days. All laptops are insured whilst in our care.

If your laptop is under warranty, don't worry. The repair will not invalidate your warranty. Your repair will be carried out by manufacturer authorised technicians. All repairs are warrantied for 90 days and we only use new parts.

From Apple to Acer, Sony to Samsung - if your laptop is poorly, give us a call! Remember, we collect locally and return at a time to suit you! QCD are Apple Consultants, we can fix most things related to the operating system, drives and memory etc. For physical damage or failure, items have to be passed to our Apple Authorised Repairer. Phone us to clarify which channel is required for your particular problem!

Home or Office Troubleshooting

Having problems with your Wifi? Broadband speed perhaps? Or simply things won't connect together as you think they ought? Frustrating isn't it!

Let Quick Call Dave visit your home or office and work through the problem. We not only understand how each part of your I.T. works, but we understand how things fit together and often, how things should not be put together! We understand the limitations of your equipment. Regularly we visit manufacturers and suppliers - we talk to them about their products, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and learn when and where we should use a particular product.

Sometimes we can rearrange things to work better, tweak a setting here and there. Other times we may suggest replacing a piece of equipment because it's not suited for your application. Rest assured though, we are not an I.T. selling business, we are a problem solving business!

PC or Laptop Health Checks?

Customers often ask why Quick Call Dave offers computer health checks. It is quite simple really, your computer is potentially the most high tech precision piece of equipment in your home or office. So why would you not want to look after it?

Put simply, we will take apart your computer, physically clean out the dust and dirt. Re-attach all the parts ensuring connections are clean and firm. Quick Call Dave can then remove any spyware, malware and any unwanted browser toolbars that slow down your internet browsing. Quick Call Dave will then investigate what software is being loaded when you switch your PC on. Quick Call Dave can then optimise this, remove unwanted applications and often is able to substantially speed up the computer start-up.

To your computer it will be a breath of fresh air! Why not treat your computer, does it not deserve it?

Your computer can have a really tough life!

If you leave you computer switched on, that's around 8,500 hours a year your subjecting it to heat fluctuations, possibly vibration, dust ingestion and whatever bugs find it a warm comforting place to inhabit. Spiders are the most likely culprit. If you switch it off, the computer warms up and cools frequently with each power cycle that can put strain on fans and disks. Is your PC noisy? Fans and hard drives often become noisy before failure!

What does it include?

Our health check covers all aspects of your hardware and software. Quick Call Dave will carry out the following in order to return your computer to as-new condition where possible.

  1. Clean out the dirt and dust from inside your computer
  2. Ensure that all the cables and connectors within your computer are fixed properly, memory seated properly etc.
  3. Advise on noisy fans which indicate failure. If fans stop working, your system could overheat and motherboard or drives damaged
  4. Computer startup, your computer can become clogged with applications that needlessly add themselves to the Windows start up
  5. Make sure your computer has installed updates for all required applications
  6. We will also check that you have relevant antivirus, anti-spam, firewall and parental controls (where required)

We think you will agree that our health check is fully comprehensive and extremely good value for money.

Remember, the health check is carried out in your home - you do not need to dismantle it, pull cables out, scratch your head, just Quick Call Dave today!

How long does the health check take?

A full health check takes around 2 hours depending on a number of things. If during the health check Quick Call Dave discovers further issues, a return visit may be required and fees payable for that return visit. The health check does not include any parts or upgrades. Quick Call Dave will of course discuss any issues arising from the health check and you will remain in control of costs at all times.

What can I repair?

Mostly it's computer systems and peripherals. Quick Call Dave does not generally get out a soldering iron and start fixing electronic circuits. This is quite time consuming and the cost of replacement makes physical repair not worth it (unfortunately). We have been known to carry out emergency repairs to laptop power supplies when their owners needed super quick repairs.

If your computers are feeling tired, in need of some TLC, Quick Call Dave today!

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