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Quick Call Dave is pleased to offer a number of tuition possibilities for individuals, groups and businesses.

What tutoring does Dave offer?

Dave is an experienced software and applications engineer who has worked with Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems for in excess of 20 years. His experience is based on real life examples rather than contrived text book tutorials. Dave is therefore able to tailor each session to the real needs of the individual whatever their experience.

It does not matter if you only want a 1 hour tutorial or a course of sessions, Dave is there to help you become more confident using your PC and your applications.

In addition to tutoring, Dave is able to offer free 10-15 minute talks to groups and organisation on various technical subjects, ranging in ability to suit the audience.

Subjects include:

  1. using the internet
  2. using mobile devices such as Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tablets
  3. managing computer security, antivirus
  4. providing parental control
  5. managing and using email, avoiding spam
  6. using your digital camera, photo editing
  7. introduction to video editing

The tutoring is not limited to Microsoft Windows, Dave has an abundance of corporate experience assembling computer hardware and the administration of Apple Mac, iPad/iPhone, Linux servers and clients, from Red Hat to Ubuntu.

Give me a ring! Call: 01275 541 893

If you find yourself in need of a little tuition or belong to a committee or village organisation and would like Dave to visit you, give Dave a ring today!

Here are some example scenarios where Dave can help:

  • I have a computer at home, the family use it but I do not know how to work it!
  • I have a small business, I cannot afford big IT support contracts, I would like someone local to give me some plain English advice!
  • The computer is really slowing down lately, I wish someone could fix it and teach me how to keep it running smoothly.
  • I belong to an organisation, it would be good if Dave could talk to us about personal computers.
  • I have some elderly friends who would love to know how to send email and use the internet, it would be great if Dave could sit down with us in a small group and teach us.
  • My Email, MS Office or other application are not working, perhaps I need some tuition, only an hour or so.
  • I have a digital camera, I take the memory card to the shop to have the images printed as I do not know how to do it at home (I do have a colour printer).
  • I have kids, can Dave talk to me about parental controls and child protection.

Whatever your tuition requirements, you cannot do better than Quick, Call Dave for an informal discussion about your needs!

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