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Certified: Me? Yes, Apple Certified Support Professional (again)

I took the day off yesterday to go down to the Apple Training center and sat the 80 questions of the Apple Certified Support Professional exam. I passed with 88% which I think was pretty good. Some of the questions were pretty far out, I've been prolific in fixing Apple computers for the last 7-8…
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"I had new 8gb RAM installed and a new hard drive [SSD]. My laptop now runs as fast as the day I bought it..."

Older generation iMac feels tired? Upgrade? You've been thinking about upgrading it and you've been blown away by the Apple price hike that has seen £100's added to the new iMac you've been dreaming off! Ouch, that hurts you're pocket!

See Gizmodo article or just Google "apple price hike".

Your iMac slowdown is likely as the hard drive performance, where the Operating System and all your data is stored, degrading over time. In addition, as you keep your system up to date, it has more work to do, new features are introduced. So the slower the hard drive, the slower your system performs. It's generally that simple!

It's also probable that your iMac can have more working memory (RAM) installed. Increasing your RAM can allow your iMac to perform more quickly when handling multiple programs or task at the same time.

QCD are Apple Consultants, David is an Apple Certified Support Professional, see Apple website for details.

So, faster Hard Drive + more RAM = better performance!

Outstanding level of service
Written by Tim From Portishead

This has to be one of the best levels of service I have had in a long time. Dave collected my 27" imac, talked about the issue and updated me on progress. It was returned promptly (fixed!), demonstrated to me and all in a very friendly and non-arrogant way. The price to fix was very competitive, particularly when you account for the pickup and drop off.

For a number of years, we've been upgrading iMac's with Solid State Disks (SSD's) that transfer data at much greater speeds. The faster the data is retrieved from your SSD, the faster your iMac will work - it's that simple.

Phone us: 01275 541 893

Some MacBook Pro's can benefit from the same treatment!

Reassuringly Knowledgable & Pleasantly Straightforward
Written by dearmondgeezer From North Somerset, UK

An expert who genuinely works for the customer. QCD gave solid advice to me in Oct. 2014 to persevere with a temperamental iMac. By March 2016 the machine was keeling over but after QCD serviced the machine, upgraded the drive to SSD and the RAM to 4gb my 2007 iMac is now back in fine form. No hidden charges. QCD stuck rigidly to the labour charge quote even though there was extra work to install new RAM, as I thought the machine was already maxxed out (QCD checked the bios and discovered it could now take an extra 1gb over the initial spec). I really can't praise QCD's service highly enough in every respect.

Have a look at this Hard Drive vs SSD comparison article. It provides a reasonable explanation of why SSD is so much faster than hard drives.

We have upgraded iMac's from 2007 and newer. So many variations in the iMac family mean that we only quote on a personal basis.

Email or Phone us - we will happily provide a quote. There is no pressure and we are happy to accommodate special requests.

We generally collect* and return the iMac - usually within a couple of days, and we won't collect it until we have the parts in stock. If we need to order anything, usually they arrive in a day or two depending on the time of day when you confirm your order.

* collect and return within our area, generally West/South Bristol and North Somerset but please call us and ask if in doubt...

Excellent professional service for a Macbook pro repair
Written by "Excellent professional service" From North Somerset, UK

My 2011 model of the Macbook Pro had been running slower and slower over a period of time and began struggling to perform basic tasks. On attempting to install the new el capitan software it finally crashed by failing to reboot. Quick call Dave was highly recommended to me. He offered a swift and professional service and used his expertise to fix various problems with my laptop. Dave kept me informed every step of the way and offered different options with regards to which hardware I wanted to be installed and price. I had new 8gb RAM installed and a new hard drive. My laptop now runs as fast as the day I bought it, can perform tasks with ease and I was really pleased that none of my data was lost due to Dave backing everything up. I would definitely recommend Quick Call Dave. The quality of service I received was excellent and I was happy with the price and how quickly my fixed laptop was returned. Thank you Dave!

We strongly suggest that your iMac is backed up using an external drive that takes advantage of the Apple Time Machine software built into every Mac. If not, we can supply you an external drive and back it up for you prior to starting work.

We are risk averse, we take every precaution in making sure we protect your data. We will not work on your Apple product without asserting a backup exists and is functional in the basic sense. Talk to us for more details.

Phone us: 01275 541 893

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Problem: Hard drive failure, iMac

Excellent, prompt service that fixed my issues.
Written by Applesaretheonlyfruit From Portishead

David responded to my original enquiry very speedily. After calling round he analysed my problem, explaining everything patiently, and told me clearly what needed to be done, and why, and what it would cost. He worked over the weekend to deliver my Mac back to me promptly – and then explained what he’d done. Really excellent service that i’d recommend to anyone.

Problem: Hard drive failure, Apple MacBook Pro

Excellent Consultant and brilliant service!
Written by LittleEm From Weston-super mare

From point of contact they were great, from explaining what they thought the issue was on the phone to meeting the next day to collect my mac! My hard drive on my macbook pro - 2011 had died and I couldn't access any of my files to recover. Never having a problem with my macbook I didn't know where to go but by chance found Quick Call Dave online and I am so pleased and trusted them with my macbook from the minute I contacted them. It now works better than before and I also paid to have a 8g instead of the original 4g that they recommended to speed it up. All my files, iTunes and photo's they managed to recover - Amazing I thought I lost everything! (now I will always backup)! With regular text and phone call updates on what they were doing was very reassuring knowing it was in good hands, and the cost of the fix didn't break the bank which I thought it would. I will always use them if any future problems, thank you so much again will always recommend your service! 🙂

Problem: Hard drive failing, iMac

Brilliant, friendly and professional consultant
Written by DaveFan From Backwell, Bristol

Having had a problem with our hard drive Dave repaired and followed up the service with a personal message and visit. Cannot emphasise the friendly and professional service that Dave gives enough. Would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

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Now we have 40, 5* Apple.com customer reviews! Mac Repair

This week our Apple.com profile received it's 40th 5* review. Way ahead of our competition, for service, upgrades and repairs. We visit your home! There are no other qualified Apple... ...approved support professionals (ACSP) in Nailsea, Clevedon or Portishead (including surrounding areas). If your local repair shop advertise that they repair Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac…
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